When a tooth is significantly damaged or decayed, our dentist may recommend a restoration called a crown. A dental crown is often used to repair a badly damaged tooth or a tooth that is cracked. A crown can also be used to:

  • Cover and complete a dental implant
  • Support a large filling when little original tooth structure remains
  • Protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Repair a seriously decayed or damaged tooth
  • Strengthen a tooth that is weakened or cracked
  • Enhance the beauty of your smile by covering a severely stained or darkened tooth
  • Improve the appearance and functionality of a misshapen tooth

Sometimes called a cap, a dental crown is designed to entirely encase the damaged tooth. This returns the tooth to its ideal shape, size and structure. At our office, dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials, depending on your personal desires and needs. Our patients often choose porcelain crowns for their aesthetic, natural-looking appearance. Dr. Wendy Britt will make certain that your dental crown in Laurinburg, North Carolina, fits your smile precisely for a comfortable, effective restoration. If you believe that a dental crown might be right for improving your smile, we welcome you to call 910-276-4550 and set up your consultation at our office.